Among Shadow
Among Shadow depression stories
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abrightblur 🌊 Give me your heartaches.
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On the deception of starlight.

Among Shadow

I spin my empty top upon the empty table, a glass raised in a toast.

To the stars! High-set beacons gleaming set in the security of the abyss.

My broken purpose, starlit upon my deepening grave at once finds it's voice:

"Go! Let us become them! Let us ride among the heavens, never forgetting our first love!"

I grasp, reach, long for their glory, but my mind does not forgive me.

I am bound to this earth, trapped in this endless grasp at vanity.

For in this darkness I see stars where there is only dying flame.

I run, but the spark has gone before my mind could understand.

And so I close my eyes and once more, surrendering to blindness, falling among shadow.

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