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Pocket Memories- A short story ❤️

Pocket Memories

He fell in love with me before I even knew him. Through stolen glances at my hair, to overheard jokes I muttered under my breath thinking no one could hear them, he fell deeper in love everyday. He couldn’t resist the strings of fate drawing him closer to me, and with a firm tug, he drew me into his life.

I was wary at first, my track record with love wasn’t the best in the past. But by the third date, he confessed his love for me. I was shocked, and the only response I could come up with was exclaiming into his hopeful face: “LOVE?!” I decided I needed more time to figure out my feelings, but I wasn’t going to let him go.

Still, our relationship moved fast. That night we started dating officially, and I knew the connection we shared was very special. We got along and liked the same things, had the same values. We use to sit at a beach on a bench swing, watching the stars until sunrise. Sometimes we would talk for hours, other times we would simply sit in silence, my head in his lap. It was a dream come true.

On one of these nights, we were watching the heavens as shooting stars whizzed across the vast night sky. He was stroking my hair, the hair that caught his attention first. Slowly, he took my cheek in his hand and turned my head towards him.

One of the most unexpected qualities he has is his way with words at random times. He is hyper and creative and sometimes the most surprisingly beautiful things come out of his mouth, things that I don’t think he really even thought about, things that just seemed right to say.

So when he stared me in the eyes, my soul laid bare under the sea of stars reflecting in his brown gaze, and he said, “This is one of those moments you always keep in your pocket, and carry with you wherever you go,” the deep tenor of his voice shook me awake and I realized at once I was falling love with him.

He was right. The moments we share together, the stories we form and create in our journey, will always be safe in our pockets. The papers may grow old and yellow, they might get crinkled and creased throughout time, but the words etched on those papers in our pockets, the truth and beauty of them, will never be erased.

We might find the memories in a pocket years from now, take it out and unfold it, laughing at the wild youth we had, my nose crinkling in joy and his eyes sparkling with the love we never lost. No matter where we go, no matter the trials we endure, we will always have each other safe in our pockets.

He is my most cherished memory in my pocket, the one that I keep at my hip and pat everyday to remind myself of this rare love we were blessed with. He is mine, and I am his. He is my pocket memory.

The end! I hope you enjoyed this short! If you’re interested in other works of mine, check out my Instagram @intricacyofwords and take a peek at my bio where you can find my wattpad username for longer stories of mine! Please leave a comment and like and always feel free to DM or message me! Thank you for the support ❤️

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