People Are Apples

People Are Apples
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Apples remind me a lot of people...

People Are Apples

I like to think I understand apples better than I do most people. I worked on two farms in my life, both that had apple orchards. For example, Fuji apples are the sweetest, and my favorite. Macoun apples are quite average, and great for making European style pies.

The Red Delicious is the most popular variety, but I find the skin to be too tough. Gala is the second most sweet, and I’m not sure the correct way to pronounce the first A. Honey crisp apples have crisp skin and are sweet. Popular with children, I think, just because of the name.

The Granny Smith never got picked or sold on my farm, but it’s the most tart and ideal for baking. The Golden Delicious is not the most resilient apple to survive the season, but it’s great for some apple sauce.

You see, apples have traits just like people do. Some are sweet, some are sour, some are just in between.

Some have bruises, but can still be worthy of someone if they’re willing to overlook them.

They can fall from the trees, but still be useful.

Some have tough skin, some are crisp, but inside they can be the same.

So the message here is:

Don’t judge an apple until you take a bite.

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