make the stars remember

make the stars remember 
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make the stars remember 🌟
a poem on creation

make the stars remember

You don’t believe they will remember you.

So they tell you: “you’re unique”. And when you are lost, you should go “find yourself”.

But how can you find a mold made for another, and expect it to contain the essence of who you are?

No one wants to play with a doll that has been fashioned together with bits and pieces of last year's collections.

In this way, you are no better than a body snatcher, seeking to live your life in the footsteps of an unrealistic stranger.

They should say: “create yourself”. Find that flower in you, even if it’s just a petal, And nurture, blossom into your own field of wildflowers.

Become the essence your heart, your soul, cries out to be, and say to hell with expectations, standards and limitations.

Make the stars remember your name.

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