Cactus Flower
                       Cactus Flower 
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Cactus Flower 🌵 🌸
A free verse poem about
Loss and self love

Cactus Flower

An original free verse poem By: Ally Boyle

This is what he told her: “I can’t do it anymore” There is more to their story. But sometimes it’s best to move on. She was hurting, screaming, She thought her life, her future, was over.

She messed up a lot in the relationship, But she was urged to focus on herself. To her friends she would turn to, For she always trusted their advice. “You will grow into a cactus flower,” One friend told her on the fly.

Yes, she thought. I will become a cactus flower. Because a cactus can survive, In the most extreme conditions. A cactus protects itself with thorns and spikes, To show it’s spirit of fight.

And still, a cactus can bloom a flower, despite it all And show the world it’s beauty. This is what she will become.

The end! Thank you for reading! As you can tell from this story, I am readjusting to a different life now, and I will try to keep writing as much as I can. If I go silent, I apologize, but it’s very fresh and I need time to realign myself at times. Thank you <3

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