For that's all I wish.
For that's all I wish. poems stories

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The wishes.
For that's all I wish.

For that's all I wish.

Silently staring at night sky. Enjoying every peace and prosperity desired. For everything is fine , with no sudden sad goodbye. Sharing a smile for things admired.

For that's all I wish.

No polices, pacts or promises but humanity is all to unite. Neither strong walls nor sick wars in sight. Mother nature is nourished and her beauty is bright. Human,beast and birds are treated equally right.

For that's all I wish.

Hate, hypocrisy and hunger is a myth. Together in pain persevered, to gain what was preached. Goodness hoped is the best tool used by us craft smith. For care and comfort are our majestic craft that we have accomplished.

For that's all I wish.

Wanderers under the glittery night sky. Lovers of peace, waiting patiently for her passionate kiss. Simplicity sets the mystery of life to untie. Shouting at the showering stars to grant all these wishes of bliss.

Venturing in our dreamy wishes. Vast is the universe, little are we. Yet we are bound to take deadly destructive choices. Redeem and repent so free we be.

For that's all I had wished.


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