The lore
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The tedious tramp of Troy sets off to redeem his soul. Least he found any tranquility though more was he lost.

The lore

The tramp of Troy set off to a tedious trip. More he tried his luck the more misery was he in. The shy fool flustered sly foxes, even his own kinship. Scars to his soulless shattered heart was his best win.

Lessons he learned from his life were yet to be told. Far out and far wide he fetched wisdom for his senile soul. Pretty lies preached to cover petty truth were much sold. Saw obnoxious visionaries with obstinate minds extol.

Said sinners like him might survive the fall as a sail in a wild storm. His bestowed curse became other’s renowned cure. Memories of his mistakes they sung, to keep wise inform. The tale of the tramp was a lore of the twit traveller’s tour.


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