Restless sea

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abimopectore Have you ever felt this way?
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Life is the mess and the pain but it is also beauty and warmth. For @campaignpositive suicide prevention initiative.

Restless sea

Be strong. I know the want to disappear brings the unimaginable pain. But your life is more worthy than any injustice of this life. Be the resistance you need.

The merciless wind, severe in nature

Unfairly strong and evil

And we are sea under impact

And sea stands, stands, stands

In it's own mess

Every soul that sails

The waves drown themselves

And wind blows, there is no end of it

And rain hits, it doesn't stop

And thunders shoot, one by one

The sea suffers and the sea returns

But the most important, the sea never

It never dries out

Because it knows that the sun will come

And the sun prevails

And the sea fights, fights, fights

Against all winds and thunders

Because in essence we are all sea

Born to be a resistance

For fight and for life

The suicide is a difficult subject to discuss. What words to choose to even describe that kind of pain? And how much people suffer in their own heads and thoughts from which only escape is death. To not being able to see positive side is draining.

But life among it's own mess, it's beautiful. It's stunning. It's like dancing it the rain and singing in top of your lungs. Seeing all colours brightly and truly smiling. That's life. And I hope everybody can experience that side of it.

If I could, I would send every piece of love I have to person having these thoughts and problems. Be strong. Keep living.

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