Juliet's Lament
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Juliet before her death

Juliet's Lament

Oh Romeo

How foolish you were in your haste

If you had only waited but a moment then perhaps we could be riding away at this moment

Oh how our life would be

But, overcome with false grief, you had acted to join me

But Romeo

You have left me

Left me alone under the stars that, without you beside me, i can no longer outshine

Left me to deal with the wrath of my father, when he realises that I am alive

Left me to marry Lord Paris

To have no choice in my life

To simply become my mother

To sit at home, produce children, and be unhappy

Oh romeo

How foolish i was

to assume that our love could overcome the senseless hate we were born into it

The hate of our families that i had hoped and prayed we could escape from

But perhaps we were destined to become entwined in them

Just as you once came to me

Encircled in the vines and the flowers that fell from my balcony

And looked at me as if the heavens themselves surrounded me in its glow

But romeo

Perhaps i should've known

We are but children

But how unfair it is

That our love will be mocked

By people who say we were but simply lust-driven teens

That we moved much to hasty

I know we did romeo

But these past few days have been the only time in my life I have been free

And with you gone i will once more be forced to become a docile daughter

And now a docile wife

And these people, they do not know us Romeo

They do not know that i had no choice but to love you

That you had wrapped your fingers in the strands of my soul and took the time to comb out all the knots

That you were the only man i have ever known that sought for glory in love and not violence

That you looked around with such wonder that your eyes would always outshine the sun

Oh Romeo

The stars looked upon us with smiles full of love

Until we began to outshine them and they turned bitter and dull

Perhaps the stars decided my fate

But I do not want the path that was chosen for me

I want to live

I want to love

I want to dance in the rain and raise my hands up into the sky

And scream with the type of joy i have not known since i was a young girl

How am i meant to do that now?


I do not know what to do

I see only two choices

To allow my heart to turn to stone in the hands of Paris

Or cut it out of my chest and lay it, bloody and beating and bursting with happiness at your feet

How can i choose

Is it better

To be with the living, yet be unhappy

Or to die, and be with you

I know what you would choose romeo

But you're much braver than i

Do i have the strength


If i leave this tomb filled with death and decay i will simply be trapped in another one

Filled with light and flowers

But i will never be able to see a rose and not think of you

I hope god will forgive me

But if this is to be the last of my free will

Then i know what must be done

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