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What if Aziraphale HAD died in the fire and the whole time, it was just Crowley imagining he was there after the bookshop was burned?

What if... Good Omens

Crowley let his eyes drift over the new bookshop, for some reason people kept leaving flowers down at the door. It was odd, but who knew. Maybe they had liked the bookshop after all.

He let a small little chuckle escape his lips and he looked beside him - where no one stood but for him was Aziraphale - "I guess they do care, Angel." He grinned slightly.

Aziraphale tilted his head to his shoulder, smiling. "Oh but I am so glad to see it is back. Only problem is that it's filled with different books.

" His shoulders dropped and a frown formed as he remembered the books he once had. The books he had loved. The books he had had for such a long time.

"Oh, don't worry." Crowley said, moving the flowers away with his foot and unlocking the door and opening it. He waited patiently as Aziraphale whispered a thanks and walked inside.

"Sir? Did you know him?" Someone said, stopping from putting down their flowers when the rest of the flowers were moved - more liked kicked - by Crowley's feet.

"Huh?" Crowley looked at them like they were an idiot because, to him, they were.

"The owner." They said carefully, choosing their words as they went. "Azrapal Fell?"

"Aziraphale Fell" He hissed out with a small snarl hidden as he watched them. "It's pronounced Aziraphale Fell."

"Oh-Oh!" They quickly ducked their heads. "My bad!" They sat the flowers down.

"And yes, I am." Crowley said, watching them shiver under his words.

"Oh." They straightened a bit, pity filling their eyes. "How close?"

"I'd consider him my best friend." Crowley crossed his arms, getting annoyed. He'd sentence them off but he felt the need that they needed to be there.

"I'm sorry." They whispered.

"For what?" He watched them.

Pity had fully filled their expression. "For your loss." And then they walked off.

"W-What?" He stood there slightly shocked before gaining himself again. "See? What'd I tell ya?" He walked in and closed the door behind him and locked it.

"We should have run off into the cosmo's."

Aziraphale only flashed him a small smile. "Yes we should have. I'll get us some wine." And with that he walked off into the backroom.

There was no backroom.

He had just fizzled out of sight.

And suddenly the whole bookshop was on fire again and Crowley was on the ground screaming for Aziraphale. "Aziraphale!" He called out, voice getting hoarse from the smoke.

He crawled around until he knocked his sunglasses off and watched them slide to a stop and get engulfed by the flames. He didn't care. All he wanted was to see Aziraphale.

"ANGEL!" He called louder, forcing himself up and to look around.

It wasn't exactly fire.

It was Hastur's fire.

It was HellFire.

Instantly he was stopped in his tracks as the realization dawned on him. He began flipping things over - in a rage and an attempt to find Aziraphale faster.

And almost a minute later he caught the eye of a white coat and ran towards it, freezing as he found the body of Aziraphale there.

He knelt quickly and brushed the little ashes of the flame off and shook him.

"Aziraphale!" His hands reached to his neck and he felt for a pulse before putting his ear to the man's chest and listening.


He sat up and shook him again before crumbling over and hugging the body. "Angel.. Bloody stupid angel.." He cried for the first time in a while and he held the body close, afraid to let go.


It had only been a month and Crowley was already a mess - ignoring Satan and even God when he began trying to get the demon to move.

But Crowley refused.

He had been lying beside the grave of Aziraphale, drinking rum, wine, any type of alcohol with books piled beside him - many of them Aziraphale's favorites. Anything really.

He'd summon it with a swipe of the hand and didn't care who saw "You know." said the Demon as he looked at the grave stone. "For six thousand years." He took another deep drink of the rum.

"Six thousand years I have been telling you. We need to run away together. Into bloody space. Away from here, away from everything. To a place where NO ONE could find us.

" He smiled as he thought about it.

"Oh you bloody stupid Angel." He said gracefully.

"I forgive you." He tilted his head back and looked in front of him at a tall man dressed in black. He snapped his fingers and he himself was dressed in a nice suit.

He grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled down a note and stuck it into his front pocket where it could be found. And then the last words muttered by the Demon were simple.

"We'll be together again"

And then the tall man dressed in black gave him his final wish.

It had only been a day when someone from the day shift came to check up on everything near the end of the day and found the same man who had been there since that bookstore owner had

been buried. Which was as quick as they had gotten the body out. Man's order.

The worker walked over and nudged him before realizing the terrible fate. He was dead. He took the note out and read it to himself. "Bury me next to Aziraphale.

Oh so be it I will haunt you to death if you don't." then under it the note said "~Crowley" He flipped it over and saw nothing. With a fate nod he stood back up and called for an ambulance.

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