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As I lay next to your resting face I see glimpses of your future

In this life and forever

As I lay next to your resting face

I see glimpses of your future

I wince at the thought of you today as you'll never to be the same again, every day you grow older and transition from baby to toddler.

I want to be your mother, defender and best friend.

I want to wave you off to your first day of school, your first solo journey abroad, your first date with that guy you've had your eye on, your wedding day departure,

I want to hold your hand when you've fallen to hard and hurt yourself, when your nervous about that dentist appointment, when you've felt your first heartbreak or loss of our family cat.

I want for one day for you to be 70 and I 100, for us to reflect upon our lives together, our experience as mothers and daughters, as winners and losers, as young and old.

I want deeply but more so than what I want, you need to have a life full of rich experiences and unforgettable memories.

To have variety , to be fearless but with respect and regard for consequences, to be kind & compassionate,

to be brave and strong as it's not always a walk in the park but most of all to realise that this life is - because it has those peaks and troughs. Because they can't exist without one another.

If you can remember this, even in the smallest of wins or losses, you will be on the road to happiness. As happiness is a state of mind. A choice each day regardless of circumstance.

My love for you transcends time, space, molecular atoms and dimensions of the unknown. In this life and through my cells and blood running through your body, to the next life forever more.

I'll be with you, waving you off and holding your hand x

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