Two Lines
Two Lines poet stories
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abhiwarr currently, a prisoner of my own thoughts
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My attempt at writing essays in only two lines each. Hope you like them :)

Two Lines

If only you knew how much you meant to me, You wouldn't have done the things you did.

I may have said I was ready to face the world, But here I was, too afraid to even open the door.

The main difference between us is that, You chase pretty boys and I chase I beautiful girls.

After a really long search I had finally found 'the one', But it turns out she had already found hers.

It was love at first sight for me, It was love at last sight for her.

I was waiting for you to come find me, But you didn’t even bother to start looking.

I was so busy trying to make my life easier, That I forgot to make it worth living.

Without you, I was nothing. Without me, you were everything.

You never saw me like you saw her, And that was the biggest mistake of your life.

If only there was some way of telling you that, I will always be ready for you, waiting by the door.

Did you want that love to happen, Or did you need that love to happen?

If only there was a way to make ‘us’ happen, Trust me, I would trade anything in the world in exchange for that.

I may have said ‘I love you’, But who said it was true?

I asked you for love, And all you gave me was a promise meant to be broken.

I’m trying to make things work, But everyone knows you can’t clap with only one hand.

Your mistake lies in Being afraid of true love.

I spend most of my time thinking about you, And most of that time wondering if you’re doing the same.

God made you pretty, But he made me beautiful.

I guess that was our destiny, You breaking my heart and me picking up the pieces.

Your smile is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, It reminds me why I fell in love.

Every time you turn a new page to start fresh, You don't realise that we're running out of pages in 'our book'.

I was so busy feeling lonely, That I failed to notice the fact that I was alone.

Any body part I don't have, I consider beautiful.

I gave you everything I had, But you ignored that like your massive credit card bills.

You look in any dress you wear, And I'll be there to tell you that.

How many more toxic exes are you gonna need, To understand that I'm the one for you?

What is it about that smile, That makes me fall for you even though you don't want me too?

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