The Never Ending Courage

The Never Ending Courage thoughts stories

abhinavkailasam An aspiring author.
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The courage.

The Never Ending Courage

Courage is something that comes only after hardships; only after you face a lot of difficulties. When you are down, and when you have nowhere to go. It is at that point you realize your power and your true potential.

Courage is withstanding today's pain to build your glorious tomorrow. Courage guided with perseverance is what makes one victorious. You stand tall, in the midst of all, who either give up or fall.

Courage and self-love are complementary; with self-love, you get courage and vice versa. You stop chiding about your loneliness once you start loving yourself.

The unkempt thoughts drift away as you realize your powers. You shouldn't give up, and you shouldn't budge; withstand. Just keep moving, and you will end up on the livelier side.

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