The Beasts Of The Jungle. -Abhinav A. Dinesh

The Beasts Of The Jungle.

                            -Abhinav A. Dinesh change stories

abhinavadinesh Community member
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A short allegorical piece that signifies how we , as people, are at times no more than slaves to our own thoughts.

It is meant to open our eyes and to push us towards acting out against our inner fears and assumptions that we are bound to live out our lives as subjugated pawns that have no strength of our own.

The Beasts Of The Jungle. -Abhinav A. Dinesh

They roam , they fly , they gaze upon us from up high;

They hunt , they prey , they snarl to instil fear and keep us down below;

When will the deer begin their descent , when will they begin to unite and use their horns

for they too can run , they too can chase ; they too can bark;

Till that day comes they bring shame to their antlers, they waste their food , they waste thier lives ,

they void the possibility of putting up a fight; they end up as just deer, deer that eat no more than grass.

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