The Abyss
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”Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye GOODBYE! I’m so damn sick of saying goodbye”

The Abyss

I know this abyss very well I’ve been there before, many times, you see

This place is dark, and it keeps on going

With no end in sight, when you think it couldn’t get any darker, any longer

It keeps on going, and going, and it’s getting darker, and darker

My brain and my heart, two very different things

My heart sees the light at the top But my brain is too focused on the bottom

My heart aches to see, to be free!

I go to the top, just to go back down Why do I go? I have to, you see

In my head, it’s calling out to me! While my heart screams, “just let us be”

These horrors, they are never any good, but still I just need to see!

“One last time, then we can go! But before we leave, let’s go a bit deeper, there is more to see”

“This time I promise! Just one last to say goodbye”

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, GOODBYE! I’m so damn sick of saying goodbye!

How can my brain welcome you so, and my heart jumps at the chance to say goodbye?!

You see, what I’m trying to say... if I may

This is forever, a constant fight, between myself. My heart and my brain

Until one day, I’ll go too deep. Always sinking, ALWAYS sinking, and the light has faded away

This deep, dark abyss, as beautiful as it may seem

when I’m gone, sinking into the abyss, there will always be someone to take my place

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