The Anger of Life
The Anger of Life pain stories

abehrens021 Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   a year ago
This is just a poem I wrote thinking about the past couple years. If anyone has feed back please share it.

The Anger of Life

I'm Angry,

You wouldn't see that when you look at me

How else are you supposed to be,

When you've Seen the things I have seen

All the people I've seen Leave

All the people who I tried to change to please

That said they didn't like the new me

I've cried but it just makes me feel Weak

So I stay angry

I can seem happy

but there's bubbling beneath the surface

I don't want to do any Damage

So I stay quiet,

Try to keep this fire dormant

Don't cry, don't scream

Focus on your breathing

Close your eyes have sweeter dreams

Of better days,

Someday you'll find the happiness you're looking for

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