The glorified human.
The glorified human. stories

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Women are the best of humans! This poem I sympathize and empathize with them.

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The glorified human.

by Abdulrahman

A shining star was born

She put a genuine grin on everyone's lips

She touched the hearts of many with a loud cry of hope

A symbol and a genesis of a proud family fabrics

Inexplicably and in contentment approved by

Mom's revealing beaming face with rare tears of joy

After all that excruciating labouring pain

And months of elephant walking style

Weird cravings and disfiguring bumpy belly

Lines of endurance portrayed on her belly

Like a distinct sign of earthquake

The little one with her searching and painful kicks

Deprived of her freedom she thought

Shaking mom in pain down to the grounds

But she never kicked again after freedom was granted.

Admired for the joy she brought to the family

Winning a lion's share of mother's love

Keeping every mouth shut to lull her sleep

Hijacking every piece of cake for her own curve between her lips

Laying on mom's lap many a times

As though was the soul stimulator of mom's oxytocin

But she rightfully owned not begged for mom's love.

Sleeps exhausted like she was chasing her shadow

Wakes up before the crack of dawn

Not her own wish but to relieve mom off the duties

You hear her sympathetic but soul-awakening steps

When everyone else is in their own dreamland

She burns her fingers and gets popped up boils on her arms

Sweating like a struggling mason

Flushed up like a patient with a shooting serotonin secreting tumour

You finally hear her not yelling but calling everyone for their undeserved bait

No holiday but just exhausting routine chores.

Matured and literate her journey into destiny begun

Dictating on her own terms but with humbleness

She has grown to become mom's favourite

She lit up the family with a growing hope

Past her days of infancy but still holds prime position

Blaming no one for her flaws

She catches ideas like a hawk snaches it's prey

Walking baby steps for her mysterious success

With an eagle's view allows clarity to cleave.

A cloud of of darkness blanketed our shades of slumber

Her absence glorified emptiness and fear

Her affectionate grin and laughter was no more

Darkness swallowed us

Silence predominantly prevailed

Mom's eyes ran out of tears

She looked helpless and abandoned

With erythematous eyes she looked beyond her times

She could hardly accept fate

Depressed and literally decimated she slept in isolation.

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