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abbyraechris Community member
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What do you believe in?


Some ask, "Why do you believe in a God you can't see?"

It seems like a difficult question to answer but it isn't.

Not really.

We can't see love, but we love, don't we?

We can barely even define love but we feel it and we see everyday.

Some say love is a chemical reaction created by our human bodies to ensure the continuation of our race.

But there so many other kinds of love, there is love between a mother and a child she hasn't even see yet.

There is love between family.

We can't see hope but we feel it, don't we?

Its that feeling inside you that even when things are as bad as they've ever been and you know things will not be okay you can't help but feel this hope.

This tiny little light in the corner that tells you to keep fighting.

I believe in love and hope, and I believe in God not only because I have faith but because I know he exists.

What do you believe in?

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