Rock My World
Rock My World poem stories

abbynicolefox Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   a year ago
A poem I wrote during an existential crisis. Suddenly my world was falling apart. The future looked grim, and the words flowed out.

Rock My World

Rock me, world changer ’til I quiver inside

Tossed on your mercy Stripped of my pride

Turn me, peace stealer Toward a future unknown

My hands up to heaven Completely alone

Pound me, time grabber So deep in the sand

Buried by worry Unable to stand

Free me, tear maker From the ache in my throat

All this sadness I’ve swallowed It’s hard not to choke

Chase me, fear giver Back to my home

Don’t alter my course Where I don’t want to go

Lift me, joy bringer Up off of my knees

Bring me some comfort I’m asking you, Please

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