Mama, Let Go
Mama, Let Go

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My son joined the Navy this year and this is something I wrote about all the feels that went along with that decision.

Mama, Let Go

Five days ago, my son joined the Navy.

Out of the blue.

Out of the blue. Unexpected.

And topsy turvy goes my life.

Kids have a way of doing this, though...

...turning your world upside down.

Everyone tries to tell you, but you don't really know.

Not until you experience it yourself.

From conception through pregnancy and birth,

past the toddling and through the school years,

until finally you think you are done.

Except, there's a secret most moms fail to reveal.

And this truth is that the end is the hardest.

It pulls you and shapes you,

drags you to places you don't want to go.

"Let go, mama. Let go," it whispers.

Then, no matter if you're ready or not,

the years of tantrums,

the years of tantrums, spilled milk,

the years of tantrums, spilled milk, school sports and drama,

the years of tantrums, spilled milk, school sports and drama, the laughter and the play,

they're all gone.


Permanently altered.

And this is the time of motherhood that tests you the most.

Because this is the time when the twists and turns really matter.

What will you make of your life, child?

Where will you go?

Will you let me guide you?

Support you?

Oh... well, I guess you need to make these decisions on your own.

All that remains for us moms left behind is the worry and the hope.

Nothing more than an, "I pray you'll be okay. I pray you'll make the right choice.

I pray you'll come back one day to appreciate the sacrifices I have made,

and that you'll remember how much I'm going to miss you.


So...Be Brave, my son.

Be true.

And come home after this adventure still the same...

...Still you.

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