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abbeymae13 just a girl with a passion for writing
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you can never hurt me again

Love Letter

I miss the way

your kisses were cold

When your lips left my skin

you left traces of gold.

Your love was toxic

and even though you hurt me everyday

I still couldn't find the strength

to stay away.

When you kissed

my wrists

You left marks

as straight as lines on a to-do list.

I especially loved

when your lips

would graze over

and kiss my hips.

The love you gave me

has left me hurt and scarred

But staying away from you

is still so very hard.

Though you were just

a lousy piece of metal

My love for you boiled over

like water in a kettle.

Each kiss would leave

traces of red

That molded into scars

both on my body and in my head.

You were my first love

but you were just a cold steel

And once I left you

I began to heal.

This is my love letter to you

for years I wore you love on my arms

But I've moved on

and never again can you cause me harm.

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