Left To Do
Left To Do
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abaker Ba-Bam ! Shh !! Reading in progress 🙄😜
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
I just listen to peoples heart break

Left To Do

She can't see her beauty

She doesn't know what she deserves

She is scared of a future

Where she isn't being observed.

She just wants him to see her

She just wants to be heard

She just wants to be happy

It shouldn't be that absurd

Love isnt a game of claims

Owning her or throwing the blame

Hitting her or calling her names

Yet she is the only one with the shame.

She isn't innocent

We all know it's true

She doesn't claim to be

Don't misconstrue

She does love him

She does care

she can't save him

She can't even repair

She can save herself

Maybe he will save himself too

Loving each other apart

Could be the only thing left to do.

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