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Our Justice System

Justice? By: Ab Major “This has to stop!!!! This has to stop!!!! Time after time another senseless murder of a black person do to the hand of police brutality or racism.” These are the words of my mother as she stands at the podium with her eyes full of tears as a crowd of protesters cheer in agreement. I wish I was there to protest with her but I couldn’t make.I’m 16 years old my younger brother is 9. He made it to the protest but I couldn’t. I should be ashamed of myself that I can’t be there to protest with them. I can’t be there to help make a change. My older brother is serving time in prison for something he said he didn’t do. The prosecutor said they have him on camera committing the crime so it was an open and shut case. Well…… that is a fair argument especially if they have a recording of him committing the crime. That’s how the justice system works. Right? Anyway… I should be at the protest setting an example for my younger brother. Screaming “Black Lives Matter!!!! Black Lives Matter!!!!!” “No Justice No Peace!!!! No Justice No Peace!!!!” “Justice for J…... Justice for Jadyn!!!!Wait No!!!!!!! That’s me I’m Jadyn……..Now I know why I can’t be there!!!! My mom wants this to stop but her pain will never stop because she lost both of her sons to the same system. I am the protest that’s why I can’t be there. A video is going viral on Instagram, twitter, and snapchat of multiple cops making an example out of me for being black. That’s why I can’t set an example for my younger brother. “You’re no different from your older brother, another black trouble maker” The media will make this narrative not because of who I am but only because who my older brother is. Bystanders with their Camera phones recording and screaming “Let him go” “Stop Hitting Him” “What did he do” “Enough he’s not moving” This is all recorded but yet these officers have to go under investigation before I can be brought to justice. Which means these police get paid time off until my death doesn’t matter anymore. Which means these police get to go home and see their families and loved ones. I could have sworn things like this would be an open and shut case. Especially if they have the criminals on camera. But I get it, that badge doesn’t make them murderers or criminals because who can really protect us from those who are supposed to “protect” us.

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