The DREAM Girl Part2
The DREAM Girl

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The Dream ends and college begins.
The second and final part.
If you haven't read the first part, Please do it before enjoying this.

The DREAM Girl Part2

Prologue: It's been two days since the dream. I shared it with two of my best friends. They spread the word even though they promised they wouldn't. The final bell rung, everyone is leaving for home. She is waiting for me in the corridor.

Playful were those fingers, Perfect was that smile. She just stood there staring, At my face for a while.

"I heard something about you," she said, opportunity had knocked on my door. "Let's take a walk while we talk" I was dancing in my core.

The admiration was mutual, the magic was real. The uncontrollable smile and in her eyes was the zeal.

We walked under the trees in the afternoon sun Ice-cream was the craving that paused our run.

Reaching the park, I stopped a while, looked in her eyes "I didn't mean for you to find it out this way" She came close, the smile disappeared, raised an eyebrow, "Then why you think I am going with the flow?

On the bench, we took our places, words had betrayed me already. Hoping I would start, she kept her eyes steady.

"Who told you?" "Does it matter?" "Who betrayed me? I questioned back. Though this was the best betrayal that ever happened to me.

A nervous face, "I don't know where to start." "No pressure" and the smile was there. Music, movies, games, and food, I knew that I had set the mood.

The first time she'd seen me, to the time she heard my story. We went through all tenses detailing the full glory.

Time had flown faster than usual, but the sun, still up, remained. Our bodies moved closer, as our hearts exchanged.

He bid adieu, as I won my love. With the shadows, evening air hustled. Sparkling eyes and loud hearts, I held her tight and we cuddled.

Looking with the sparking eyes, "Which place would you like to be right now?" she asked mischievously. "With you, heaven is boring and hell is cool, be careful what you wish for! I know that rule."

That's all folks! Your patience up to this page is really appreciated. Thanks.

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