The DREAM Girl
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Today morning I had a dream. I am writing this because I don’t want to forget it, whatever I remember. The DREAM Girl

The DREAM Girl

25th October 2018

The most gorgeous, playful, caring and fiery, JULIANA is the main theme of my dream. I was in front of the house in the shed. It was evening but the sunset hadn’t started. The wind was warm from the afternoon’s heat.

She was looking absolutely beautiful in that light. That I can remember. The other thing that I remember is that I could be with her for 2 hours just like that I don’t remember.

I was there and was waiting for my turn. I could see her. She was down there in the river with another girl.

I don’t remember exactly what they were doing; I have a faint memory of the two guys hold her hand on either sides or facing the river.

Then they got out and the water started to go in and after it went half in a body of some guy was seen lying on the riverbed. Then she was up there with me. I was looking at her.

It was my turn of taking her somewhere.

I had thought of a lot to do with her, I was just going to hang out with her, hold her hand and sit, look at her eyes and her smile, her dimple on her cheek. It was the best day of my life! Then I woke up.

I tried to go back there, but does a taking cat greet you? It was the alarm. I never want to forget this dream. Ever.

Can I now call her my dream girl? I saw her at school during lunch, she was gorgeous she was beautiful. Juliana-the dream girl.

If you survived until this page. Kudos!! Your response is very much appreciated.

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