Her Gleam
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The first crush, the thumping hearts, the first kiss......this is part 1
Stay tuned for more!

Her Gleam

The exhilarated mind, when i saw her: the first time. Entered the class, in the middle of year. the most beautiful face, left me not without a fear.

Dreamed that night, entwined hands, giggles and kiss. Woke up and it struck, so much i would miss.

couldn't stop smiling, remembering the dream, only until I saw her at school in her gleam. Never was one to mingle with the crowd, went to talk, was like walking on a cloud.

Rehearsed the words the previous night Froze in front like a deer in headlight It's funny, your brain stops work, at the time you need it the most. That jerk.

"hi" said the lips in the softest tone she looked at me confused, my head was blown. Mustered all the courage carpe diem! said the heart finally she talked, and I was known.

The bell rung, ran to the gate and waited. She was with her few new friends, terrified by their presence, swallowed a gulp. "Would you like coffee.... evening?" Was all that came out. The giggles, a number, that face. we were going out!

Rode home fast, coz I knew it was there to last. That date started butterfly effect. girl of dreams, talked for hours, time was scant, the best friend. Would have bet that day, it can never end.

This is the Part-1 more coming your way Stay tuned!

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