Another year what matters
Another year what matters new year stories

ab001 I learn Everyday, I get better Everyday.
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Another year ended and new year begins. Resolution conundrum!

Another year what matters

Another year ended

and life still goes on.

I wonder what is my life

with the sun's dawn.

Resolute mind and exciting breaths,

I take the new steps on the fresh ground.

Ye trees, grass, chirpy birds and wagging tails

How will I keep this new energy I found.

I remember, exactly a year ago,

same excitement, the same cool air.

Will this time be any different?

Coz everytime the pressure I couldn't bear.

A spark lights and shows me the way,

This will to improve is what matters.

Go on and conquer the world!

And let the worrying remain with mad hatters.

I see the way now, and feel the breeze.

This life is too short to think too much.

Take the jump off the cliff hombre

Coz you'll make the p-chute on your way.

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