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A short story of an island

The Island

The old man took a long breathe as he got surrounded by the children of Nayoshi village .

A random boy said ,"what is that scar on your chest?" , the old man smiled and said ,"it takes me long back ."

Year 1935- A crew anchored in an inhabitant island for a jungle expedition. There were total twenty-two men in that crew , Dr.A Mathews , Dr.K Domes , Dr.

P Mars and the old man ex-marine Ruther Fords and eighteen men from Polar Expedition Organization. After 18 days of directionless wandering they finally reached an island.

From the first sight of island it could be said that no one has ever been on that island. It was a full green island with a peaking dormant volcano.

Ten men went out into the forest to find some edibles and rest went to explore the inner jungle.

By the time the whole crew reached at the rendezvous it was already dark , they collected all the edibles together , set a campfire ,

rejoicing food and in no time their exhausted bodies fell numb and they fell asleep. Time 2.

33 AM , one of the crewmates suddenly felt the urge to take a leak , he went behind the bushes when he heard the faint footsteps in a distance.

Thinking that it might be some wild animal he didn't bother and came back to sleep.

Day 2- All the men were fit to rise again and explore the whole island , they set out with their equipment , after a bit travelling Dr.

K Domes stopped by a flower , after gazing at it for few second he got and said ,"its nothing ,lets go!!

" However Dr Mathews and Dr Mars didn't seem to take that sudden behaviour lightly as the others.

They found small pools , large trees , garden of flowers but shockingly there was no living animal over there not even a mouse neither did they hear any birds chirping.

These small facts was not taken lightly by the doctors. The doctors were all brilliant and they each carried potential which no one can compete.

At around two 'o' clock in the afternoon they discovered a rundown wood structure shaped like a modern 2bhk house.

It startled everyone , there were no humans ,no living animals yet there is hut right deep into the forest ,

it was so deep that one cannot even guess there could be something like this from outside , they decided to enter the place and look out for answers of their question in their mind.

Dr Mars entered first they were all in a shock ,it was laboratory with a bench filled with chemical equipment ,

metal instruments that s generally used by doctors and then there was a red wooden bed .

The number of questions were just increasing , however ex-marine Ruther Fords (old man) upon examining found the obvious. "It's not redwood it was drenched with blood" said Ruther Fords.

Ruther Fordss' words shook everyone to their bones few accused him if he was out of his mind ,but Ruther Fords having served in marine for 20 years he could never forget the smell blood ,

the doctors seemed to agree with Ruther Fords . Though it was a bright day , the inside of it was dark , they had to use a flashlight .

They had a rough conclusion that someone had died which caused this , but more the lab was explored more secrets revealed about it.

They found a staircase which leads to the basement ,shockingly this small place had a basement which is assumed to be bigger than the upper place .

The staircase to the basement was locked and sealed , breaking it was no problem since it was all old and rusty , while they were at it Dr Mathews found a diary on the upper half of that place ,

it was a medium sized diary stained with blood , it seemed like a journal. Dr Mathews opened it , it was a journal of another doctor Kevin Dam , year 1917 , it was 18 years ago .

As he kept on reading he figured that Dr Dam's crew was swept to that island by a storm.

There were ten crewmates alive and seemed like they were chased by some pirate ship, the lost many men in that violent storm and only ten were alive.

On the other hand Ruther Fords and his men broke into the basement , they slowly walked downstairs it was all dark covered in cobwebs,

what they discovered made them scream at the top of the voice, there were carcasses all over the place. Some bodies were packed in plastics.

Their Scream trembled everyone and rushed towards the basements , they were all in shocks considering the series of events that has been going around. Something was wrong with that island .

They decided not to waste anymore time and quickly leave this island. Suddenly doctor Mathews face became dull ,

All this time he had been reading Dam's journal .

Dr Dam's crew survived in that island for fourteen months , his two injured mates perished on that island but what is wrong in it , the two mates injury was not fatal ,

yet they perished after two days , Dam concluded that the island was cursed and it sucks out the life force of all the living animals .

The smaller the animal faster will it perish , and person with any open wounds will perish even sooner . But that doesn't explain anything , how did the animals survive then over there.

After months fo research Dam found that there was certain deity that allowed the coexistence. Human stepping on that island broke the circle .

Dr Mathews was still in a shock , thinking these are writings of any 12 year old he laughed it out .

But Dr Domes took it quite seriously , he explained the reason why he stopped by the flower earlier.

On the day of arriving they went inside a jungle for little exploring he came by that same flower but it was dead yet after just 12 hours it grew marvellously.

Another crewmate raised his voice but the night incident where he heard some strange footsteps ,

Dr Mathews closed the journal and said there is something on this island that's watching them from distance, it didn't make sense to anyone he put the diary in his pocket and said ,

"The place we went to ,

the red bed is place the place where Dr Dam sacrificed countless animals and his crewmates" those mere words were enough to give goosebumps to any grownup man he continued ,

"six crewmates and 1448 animals were killed mercilessly to offer them as sacrifices to an unknown deity that resided on that island to restore the cycle that was set offcourse"

he sighed "luck didn't turn out to be on their side.

" "It only angered the deity , all the sacrifices that was offered turned into huge mass of flesh and took a shape of unknown beast of immeasurable size , never seen before ,

never heard before , its mere presence shook everyone to the bones. "The beast rampages the whole jungle , killing anything that came in its way.

" Dam also noted that it was so gigantic that its breath could be heard from 10 metres distance.

"The beast chased them endlessly one after one died brutally , few had their head bitten off right from their neck , one was not found , some had their body devoured in half.

" "Only left was Dr Dam ." By this time everyone had gotten the idea what was going in the jungle and everyone could feel that they were no longer safe.

"I will not survive here , I haven't eaten anything for 5 days , if the beast doesn't kill me I will die of starvation ." this was the last entry by Dr Dam and it could be assumed that he died .

Some men asked "if its true then is the beast alive after so many years?" The question was not some useless blabbering trying to cool down the tension that was built.

The journal was written 18 years ago , if it's a beast then it absolutely needs food to survive ,

since there are no animals left in that island then the beast must've died somewhere and even has decomposed. These words seemed to have to relaxing effect and some sighed a relief .

"Do you really think the beast died?" Dr Mathew added."The beast was a creation of deity to punish the sinners , we don't know how exactly Dr Dam died."

They immediately decided to leave the island but upon reaching the shore they encountered a strange shaped beast , uneven form , it was hard to say that it was from this world.

It's mere presence trembled everyone , and everyone could feel the surge of emotions it was emitting . It was pain , sorrow , anger its cries burst everyone's ear.

They quickly came with an escape plan and run for the ship roundabout however not all men could cope up with plan and was devoured by that beast , while running Mathews dropped the journal,

on his way to pickup the journal he saw the claw of the beast right in front of his face as he was giving a right swing , the claw was so big that Mathews was a mere bee in front of that claw,

he thought many ways to escape but couldn't, he saw his life flashing in front of his eyes there was no way to escape that, only few words came out,"i don't want to die.

" j, Ruther Fords could only see a gush of blood getting sprinkled all over the trees, there was no body and the secret died with him on that island.

Somehow few managed to get on the ship and set sail immediately.

Year 1960 The old man sighed as he finished the story , he was old and mostly in his bed . He is still remembers his crew and the secret with Mathew.

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