Will you ever leave me?
Will you ever leave me? pain stories

aayan3006 Yet, I write...
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some memories just never fade away.

Will you ever leave me?

And yet your thought comes again i told you na, to stay away from me then why did you came to knock again. You know how much i get into even with the slightest presence of you in my imagination..

even there is nothing left of you in me anymore why you keep appearing again and again.

Is it you or it's just me building up your memories again I moved far away from your every single presence yet whenever the lights go dim you always emerge as the first thought in my mind isn't it insane.

Seems now i am losing my sanity too, my time i already had my solitude long taken and now my sanity too becomes the flower of your lane, did you ever counted them. All lost of me from inside and outside and still you presence leave me all alone in my head making me feel never be able to begin something else ever again..

I don't know what is the end of this maybe all emptiness is becoming my destination on the path of which i am walking endlessly , ain't no way left i can't anymore see maybe this be my fate then to get lost in the way is the only thing i should be doing solemnly.

Lost in the dark surrounded by misery, pain be my guardians and noise the gentle breeze, burning light be the soothing swift and your thought me.


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