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Some memories just never fade away...


Loud noise people cheering up (surround music slows)

Nancy: Hey hey listen up guys let’s play something...

Rittick: Argh! It’s late night now! Guys I'm full and I’m going off to sleep.

Aarav: Ah, come on dude when are we ever gonna get a time like this, it’s the first time we got a break since regular project works , you surely can stay awake today at least.

Rittick: Ok! Man you’re the boss. (speaks in a sleepy voice)

Shivam: So what to play?

Nancy: How about... truth and dare!!

Rittick: At 1:00am, come on dude not now the fun would kill my sleep, and how are we gonna do our dares at the middle of a silent night,the neighbor would scream if we create too much noise.

Ruby: OK, let’s put something creative as a replacement to the dares. How about that i ask for a topic that i don’t believe in and whoever makes me believe in it will get something as a reward.

Shivam: Like what?

Ruby: LIKE, if you succeed in making it believable to me you will get a treat from me,

Rittick: Treat, seriously? at least something worthy enough to make me stay awake how about a new Smart-phone!

Shivam: Seems lucrative enough, damn... Let’s give it a go

Rittick: Yeah.

Nancy: So first one, honest answers only guys!

When did you first kissed?

Nancy: For me, i guess at 14.

Rittick: At 14, i have to wait till i get married (everyone laughs)

Shivam: if you move around girls giving them lectures on the principles of physics, what else do you think will happen?

Rittick: I'm no king of romance dude but i am good in physics. What's the number for you?

Shivam: For me, at 13 my first at 14 i guess till then 3 of them and till 17, 5 girls .

Nancy: Someone needs to take classes from Shivam.

Rittick: dude tuition fees? (Shivam whispers something in his ears both laughs)

Aarav: Only a hundred times in my imagination though:)

Shivam: how many of them?

Aayan: one

Shivam: come on dude, Are you kidding same person every-time I mean explore a little bit. How can you?.. (stopped in between)

Aarav: turns out you can.

(everyone makes mm hmmm sound)

Ruby: mine was in my 17 the guy was the coolest one in our class after a year we went apart.

Aarav: are u guys still in touch?

Ruby: No, he moved to a fancy college, not all stories have fancy endings.

Aarav: Agreed.

So ladies and gentleman our next round:- Make me Believe.

Rittick: Hmm.. let me think how about make me believe that one can achieve something without following the normal course of education.

Shivam: here goes our thinker again,

Nancy: Just follow your dreams do the work explore your passion and who knows you will finally get there even though you do not follow the normal course consider Mr. Gates, Zuckerberg, Steve jobs the world is full of people like them.

Rittick: Nah! not always happens, my uncle still works in a factory even though he is highly talented in sports.

Nancy: that’s exception dude sometime things may not always turn out to be as thought,

(everyone agrees)

Nancy: OK, that seems like a personal experience clash guys nobody wins..

So, let’s move towards our next question:

Nancy: Anyone believes in love at first sight here?

Aarav: I do

Nancy: OK, someone has gone romantic today

Ruby: how can that be at first sight? Yeah, i mean no knowledge about the person no nothing, weird right.

Rittick: hmm. A first sight decision for entire life what could be weirder than that.

Shivam: Nah, completely Impossible.

Aarav: possible (politely he said)

Shivam: well then, let’s fire up the game make me believe in that and you get the best smartphone available in the market.

Aarav: When you were born, did you opened your eyes?

Nancy: Aarav, what are you saying?

Aarav: Let, me complete.

Shivam: Hell yeah i did who doesn’t,

Aarav: You saw your mother?

Shivam: Yeah, I did.

Aarav: wasn’t that love at first sight..

Woah!someone nailed it right in the coffin (everyone applauds)

Rittick: man,that’s was a strong strategy to make

Shivam: you cunning fella, you win tomorrow evening meet me at the plaza we are gonna buy something of your choice

Aarav: not in that of a hurry dude just had to show the point.

Shivam: come on fix it for tomorrow plus i have some work to do as well before my departure. (Aarav nods assuring)

Nancy: OK then fellas, seems like we are closing the show for today..

Rittick: hey, Aarav anyways you keep your points quiet strong whenever a question arises on the topic of love,

Ruby: "surely he does"

Rittick: any experiences whatsoever?

Nancy: you can tell us you know!

Aarav: Long story guys i don't mind sharing with you guys not at all, to be short it just happened at the first day of my high school.

Nancy: what happened after that?

Aarav:Things one after the other it was much of a first sight, one-sided story...

WHAT? (everyone in a surprised tone) ...............to be continued.

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