My friend is like a cat,
My friend is like a cat, cat stories

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My friend is like a cat, a kitten with it's flaws.

My friend is like a cat,

I have come to realize.

Too long it took, for it's nothing good

My friend was a kitten, our history full of play

Together we grew, testing this world, in our warmth and baby fur

And when the world was testing us, she would hiss and on her feet, she would land with me

My friend is like a cat, full grown now

She doesn't care for petting, only comes to me for treat

Independence and grooming, are this friendship's defeat

She is proud, she is fast, in her dislikes and her acts

Every time we manage to meet, with great news she does me greet

Yet however much I miss her, when she leaves, the news are like dead mice, at my feet.

My friend has grown to be a cat,

yet so have I

It truly pains me, I have fought it

but it seems like a slow goodbye.

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