Acrostic for What to Forget
Acrostic for What to Forget pain stories

aathrift Community member
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An Acrostic for What to Forget is a poem about tomorrow is never promised and what it feels like when you are given an expiration date.


Acrostic for What to Forget

Inviting over friends, a future, my past

Honesty of any kind, finding a meaning to life,

Allowing people to get close to me,

Vaccines, help in a form other than a pill

Eternity in Heaven for I have sinned, again and again

Continuing education, student loans, a degree,

And owning my own home, a family,

Needing to be held at night, dreams of a husband,

Career of any kind, a job I love

Endless nights of agonizing pain

Rendering me helpless curled in a ball on the floor

Crawling to my pills once again

Evidence of the truth that takes over my body

Lower life expectancy, hope and faith,

Leaning on a friend, making plans, I am alone

Speaking to myself with an expiration date from my doctor

lingering in my brain

Acrostic: I HAVE CANCER CELLS Thank you for reading!!

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