To the uncle I never knew

To the uncle I never knew poetry stories
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I hear the whisper of your name During family silences

To the uncle I never knew

I hear the whisper of your name

During family silences

Ones accompanied by teary faces

Bringing life to all the stories

That make you a part of us.

As we slowly find the way back

To hiding behind emotionless masks

I notice grandma's eyes betray her

Revealing the unfillable hole within

A sadness that can only be carried

By a mother's broken heart.

You left on your motorcycle

Promising to be back in time for dinner

Like the countless times before

Except this time you never returned

To make your excuse

About missing dinner again.

Your face remains my oldest memory

From a time when being human

And being a god meant the same

Forever bound to walk the earth

Not fragile strings

Capable of being cut prematurely.

And yet you live on,

In the photos around me

In the prayers that my father hum

In the loving words departing people's lips

In the vacant space you left behind

Remaining forever unchanged

While I grow taller, stronger, older

Old enough to be your age

The night you missed dinner one last time.

I hope to meet you one day

In a world unknown

And hold you in a tight embrace

Like a nephew would his favourite uncle

Excited to hear his stories first-hand.

And until then to know you better

From the fragments of your light

That fade with time

But never fully vanish

Reminding us of how you lived life

And not just how life outlived you.

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