Brotherly love
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My dearest friend, Hope these words find you well

Brotherly love

My dearest friend,

Hope these words find you well

Amongst the lonely seats you fill

If only as reminder that

Your brother remains never too far.

I pray for your spirit fierce

The one sprayed with bloody scars

To heal with every step walked

And rise with every new one.

Remembering your dream

For a life unlike any other

As a hundred voices cry "no".

I hear the freedom in your heart

Knowing too well what it costs

Carrying fellow strangers for company

And little to call your own

Searching for finite answers

Where only infinite questions reside.

I see the love in your eyes

When seeing someone

With darkness in theirs.

Never hesitant in giving your light

To erase the lie

That hope shall not exist

Among the hopeless.

Unraveling the unspoken myth

Of a boy's journey into manhood

These words ring truer than true

If not to your changing Self,

Then as proof

To a brother's forever love

For one of his own.

And a warm embrace

That awaits your return home.

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