An unhappy god
An unhappy god poetry stories

aashik I like words.
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Once more into the rain I stared Wondering if the sky cried just like us

An unhappy god

Once more into the rain I stared

Wondering if the heavens

Broke just like us

For immortality is cursed

With suffering endless

Making a God

Omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent

And yet unhappy.

Heaven's not the best party in town

And hell's not that bad either

The cosmic joke then remains

That dissatisfied mediocrity is the norm

For god and man

Life does not free us

And neither will death.

As Sisyphus pushes his rock up the mountain

And Atlas bears his heavenly weight

Faint smiles appear on their lips

With the knowledge that

Being damned for eternity

Is not punishment

If everyone shares the same fate.

I jump into the rain

Tired of fearing someone's tears

Tired of fearing mine

When only within tears lies the whole story

To be drowned by each other's pain

To suffer together

And maybe then understand that

An unhappy existence cannot be avoided

But a lonely one may be.

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