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Old fashioned love story of Rome.


I am drowning in the oceans of your lies,

Slowly and slowly,

Feet by feet,

Knowingly that you have already left.

As Judith works said, "Rome is a city of echoes, the city of illusions and the city of yearning."

I remember illusions of your making love to me,

Impressions of your touch over my entire broken body,

I still remember how you used to awake each and every senses of mine.

I am drowning in the oceans of your lies,

Slowly and slowly

Feet by feet.

I still remember how nerdy and geek you were,

Holding a book in your right hand and a glass of absolute vodka in the left,

No damn given about the whole world,

I still remember staring you from the distance,

And falling for your intelligence every single day.

I still remember when we met for the first time,

At a Roman styled cafe,

You were dressed in red printed shirt and white shorts with round black goggles and sky blue hat,

Where I was just taking pictures of the architecture like a typical excited traveller,

And I still remember how you took out your goggles and looked at me with your eyes full of charm and love,

A spark which rose between us,

Was the spark of long lost real love which I always wanted feel,

And which I got beneath your arms.

Because as they said, "Rome wasn't built in a day"

Similarly it took centuries to create a moment wherein we met each other.

But I never knew,

I never knew that a soul like yours can forge the entire idea of true love,

You left me in the midst of nowhere,

Like they did with the Colosseum,

Completely shattered.

They said in Rome, "When in Rome, do what romans do"

And I did everything you said, but I never knew that I am following the wrong footsteps.

They said never intertwined,

Your hope with your loved one because when they leave they took away that hope of yours.

But I trusted you and tied my string of hope with yours,

But you snatched that away and now I am bleeding,

Bleeding like never before.

Still I am drowning in the oceans of your lies,

Because I still want you to love me entirely,

Even with the fake romantic gestures of yours.

I am drowning in the oceans of your lies,

Because I want you to realize the forgery of your own feelings,

Because I want you to realize the truth of my wholeness,

Slowly and slowly,


I was roaming around in the streets of the Eternal city,

Hoping to get an amazing pictures of the magical old fashioned Rome,

Searching for the most precious souvenir of Rome.


Our existence clashed,

I never knew Rome will offer me with their most precious souvenir "mesmerizing time keeping object"

In middle of the chaotic street.

And there in middle of the chaotic street,

I found YOU.

And still I am drowning in the oceans of your lies,

Slowly and slowly,

Feet by feet,

Because I am still in love with the idea of you,

With the idea of us,

With the idea of old fashioned city where we met.

And I can never stop drowning for your lies,

Because as Sheryl Crow said,

"Three days in Rome,

I laid my heart out,

I laid my soul down,

I'll always remember three days in Rome."

- Aashna

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