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Infections of different kind Calling it a disorder is being kind You’ll be thrust into dizziness that leaves your world spinning

Gentle earthquakes I’d rather faint Bruised and contused Spinning and spinning until your stomach is in a knot and nausea hits

Bed bound Taking your will to see straight and eat as migraines rip your mind up leaving you so weak and exhausted on the bathroom floor

Without energy for tears that only drop once you’ve vomited your life away Neon gravestones call your bones, they say your too weak

You’ll be thankful and long the state you were in before Listening to all the sounds out your window It’s a bad week when the best thing that happens is an IV

Though weak and defeated in my bed My mind is stronger All is soft inside Basic analogies Maybe I had to end up in smithereens

I can feel new perspective begin to levitate Pride in health Power through the pain A couple albums help too Soon your back will be off this bed

Dizziness still lingers But my head as clear as an old jag out of the car wash I feel brand new and aged all at once Morphing Interior sanitized A softer universe Now I’m talking action

Celebrate and glorify the path Next time I go outside I’ll wear a warmer shirt and maybe a hat Of course I had to record my step through for my basement tapes

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