Sweet Dreams.
Sweet Dreams. poem #poetry #feelings #dream #dreams #lucid stories

aaronsanz Community member
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Sweet Dreams.

Sweet Dreams.

When you can not sleep I will whisper bedtime stories about the moon and the sun

Where does the sun go in the night Where do we go when we close our eyes Swallowed by our pillows Flushed into dreams It’s all real, so very real

Wandering in wonder Dive through the deepest depths where the sun and moon collide This is where they go To meet you here

The sun and moon hand in hand All the creatures of the sea and sky Beautiful colors all around You are safe

Sit along the golden sand Bath in moons shine Watch a flock of seagulls soaring in the sunset glow Watch a pod of dolphins remind you of the joys of play

The world isn’t watching It’s real, so very real Sweet dreams.

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