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aaroncabrera Father | Husband | Musician | Poet
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This might be the chesiest title one could ever think of (aside from love, sorrow). This one is for my Wife. I love you with all of my heart.


You are the Pepper of my Steak

You are the Iron to my Wrinkled Shirt

You are the Penny on my Subway full of strangers

You are that One Song on repeat in my Shuffled Playlist

You are the Peanut Butter to my Jelly

You are the M&M to my Bowl full of Skittles

You are the Sugar to my Coffee

You are the Ice to my Whiskey

You are the Red Bull of my Sleepy Days

You are the Friday of my Very Long Week

You are the First Song I play when I pick up my Guitar

You are the Last Song I sing in my Cold Shower

You are the Beer after my Hard Day’s Work

You are the Perfume I can wear for the rest of my Life

You are the Treasure I found while I’m lost in the Forest

You are the Oasis I long for after a Long Walk in the Desert

You are the Beautiful Sunset resting atop of the Mountains

You are the Rainbow after my Rain

You are my Silver Lining You are mine As I am yours

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