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This is the prologue for a verse novel I planned to write called Esper.


This is a blank page

A page upon which

every story starts its life

A page to tell

The tales of strife

A page upon which

Dreams are rife

Yet a blank page

is not the beginning

Only a place upon which

A beginning may begin

For nothing can begin without words

Therefore it is words

that mark the beginning

For words are the beginning of all things

Did God not speak the world into existence?

Did not all come into being through the Word?

Therefore, words are the beginning.

But Before there are words...

There are letters

and they begin with...


A is the beginning of the alphabet

But it is not the beginning of beginning

No, A is just the prologue.

An introduction.

For beginning starts with


B is the beginning of beginning

And B is followed by


C for catastrophe

For Conflict

For confrontation

C for Chaos

For climax

and clash

And that leads to


D for damage



And death

and that leads to E

E for end

But E is not the end

No, it is only the beginning of end

The beginning of the end

For there are 21 more letters to go

So E is not the end

But the beginning of the end

A warning of the end to come.

And so it happened

And so it happens

And so it was

And so it is

There is a prologue

There is a beginning

There is a conflict

A climax

A destruction

And death

And there is an end

But there is not

For there is no end

Never an end

Until the end of time

But until that comes

The end is only a mark

The mark of a new beginning

And so, our story starts.

And the story may start

at any beginning

Or any end

For there are many to choose from

And many stories to tell

But they will come

And they will go

I cannot promise you the beginning

Nor can I promise you the end

For what they are is arbitrary

Nevertheless I can promise you one thing

This story begins

and ends

with words

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