Till Eden sings
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This is the longest piece I have written so far. The world it takes place in is loosely based on a dream I once had. I hope you enjoy it.

Till Eden sings

Remember when the calla lilies grew in the summertime?

Or when the rain came down in the spring?

When we watched the fireworks on the fourth of July?

I thought I knew you then…

But it seems your eyes have held lies longer than the truth.

And from your lips sprouted fantasies that now I know were never true.

Still, I believe a beating heart can outstand a metal frame

That life still stands above the lifeless

And so I leave this final note

As my life and my memories fade

So that if I don’t make it till tomorrow

I pray a piece of you does

Because if there is a piece of humanity left in anyone it's you…

Time moves on as I write

Above me, the sun makes its way across the sky

Therefore I must be quick

I believe you are familiar with the time of my disappearance

I can’t say much about that as I do not recall much after they knocked me out

When I finally woke up the world was unfamiliar.

The vast open sky was replaced with a silver ceiling

The fields of green spotted with flowers was replaced with colorless walls

I lay in a bed as hard as rocks and I called out for help

But none came…

I shifted between reality and dream

My mind a shapeless mess

I began to see things, things I had never seen before

I felt as though I were a part of something

Something bigger than myself

I began to hear the voices of others inside my head

Vast amounts of knowledge things I had never known

Flooded into my head

It was not long until I realized I was in some sort of hospital

I tried to tell the doctors there was something wrong with me

But they didn’t see any problems.

When I spoke they looked at me with concern

But something about it seemed distant

They seemed warm and welcoming on the outside

Yet inside I knew their hearts were made of something harder

I tried to look past it but eventually, I couldn’t

They would open their mouth to laugh

But it wouldn’t sound real

It sounded forced almost robotic

The doctors came in and out of the room

As did many others

Sometimes they did not even need to speak

I could hear their thoughts in my head

And I hated it

How could one feel so connected to everyone else?

And yet so distant


What hurt the most though was that I began to realize

That you had been just the same

That the same look of unsympathetic concern

The same robotic laugh was in you all along

With the vast amount of information available to me

I began to look into what was happening

It was a program called HIVE

I do not know what it stands for.

It does not matter right now.


I realize that it is important to say that there is a way to stop it.

The clock tower at the center of the city.

I do not know how much more I can say.

I can feel the changes coming.

The more time goes the less I remember your face.

The less I feel.

If my life and my memories fade.

Then I pray there is still something left in you.

I hope that you can end this even if I cannot.

I will leave this bed tomorrow.

I will walk out of here tomorrow.

I will find the tower.

I will keep hold of the memories I can.

Till Eden sings Till Eden sings

And yet I can’t remember

Who am I writing to again?

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