Nature's Cry
Nature's Cry urban stories
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A poem about the loss of nature...

Nature's Cry

To the beauty of nature let your eyes look

Upon the good of God’s work allow your eyes to fall

And permit your ears to hear its call

For your mind’s desire, it will not rook

But alas where does the good tree stand?

Ah, here I see the tree tall in metal frame

And its beauty shall be acclaimed

Though I see not what I had planned

Now looking I look and where I ask are the rivers flowing?

Ah, here they must be the beds of gray along which the animals roam

But as I watch I ponder why does the river not make itself known

In the sounds of rushing water and reflecting sunlight glowing

So I watch the river of stone and the animals that through it roam

And I wonder why they seem so empty

For in them there seems no life be

But with flashing lights and shining bodies, they make themselves known

As I watch in silence nature’s call becomes a cry

Its tears from the heavens rain down

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