Ephemeral Beauty
Ephemeral Beauty ephemeral stories

aaronaugust https://earthsdecay.blogspot.com/
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A poem questioning the permanency of the world as it once was. Describing the beauty of the universe as ephemeral.

Ephemeral Beauty

How I wish I could capture

Your beauty in a poem

in lines of rolling rhyme

in a song of timeless praise

But no words can capture

the beauty of your works

For your beauty lies in the mountains

and in the shining blue of the sea

Your beauty is in the stars

and the rolling hills of green

Your beauty is in the eyes

in the love of a loving heart

Your beauty is in life

in living and in death

Your beauty is in the ruins

and the place of paradise

But only just a part

For to us your timeless beauty

is ephemeral

only held for just a glance

till wondering minds bring us back

O' Divine! Divine!

Beauty long forgot

Divine! Divine!

Whose beauty we turned away

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