Citscape: Against a Painted Sky
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This is a poem taken from my new blog Citscape.

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Citscape: Against a Painted Sky

On the dome above is a painted sky

Where empty clouds go floating by

In the distance stands a gold horizon

a night to brighten and a day to darken

So as the daylight strays

Shadows take the sunlight rays

Pulled by a chariot gold

and eyes look to behold

A city now alight

So under painted sky

and the clouds all floating by

against the gold horizon

Through the stars arising

Under the great Orion

the cityscape stands

A sculpture to behold

the works of human hands

against a painted sky

I hope you all enjoyed the poem. It was something I came up with for my new blog called Citscape. The link should be in the description.

I am still kind of new to Commaful and to the whole blogging process. However, I love writing and hope to continue to post poetry and blogs daily.

I should be posting an update on the things I am working on in my blog soon so you can look there if you are interested.

Anyway, thank you so much for all your support so far. It really does mean a lot to me.

So keep writing and have a great day :)

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