Bird Song
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This is an excerpt from the draft of a verse novel I once tried to write.

Bird Song


Then Light

Sunlight on the grass Shining Shining Shining through

A tent of woven cloth And Rising from an earthly bed



Till hand reaches A bow of oaken wood

And Freeze


A gentle rustle in the leaves A gentle whisper in the trees

And movement

Slow Steady Movement Creeping through

Till eyes meet eyes The eyes of man The eyes of bird

A bow and arrow in between

And silence

Silence in the trees Silence in the brush Silence from the hunter

Silence from the prey

The Arrow The Bow A string pulled back

But losing tension did fall slack

And there was no blood in the early morn

No cry under an early sun No death for an early bird

And silence turned to song

And there was a rustle in the leaves a whisper in the trees An early song of morning praise A young birds' song and sunlight rays

And there was beauty in the sound beauty in the song beauty in the words that the hunter never knew But the bird did

And so he sang He sang from the treetops He sang to the sun He sang for the world

And there was beauty in the sound

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