First post confusion!!
First post confusion!! friends stories

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Hey there, With all the support of my friends, I am here. Sitting in front of my laptop and trying to figure out the mystery behind creating a blog.

First post confusion!!

Hey there, So, I am done with the basic stuff and I believe, I have done a pretty decent job. All I need to do now is to hit that launch icon and get going.

With all the support of my friends, I am here. Sitting in front of my laptop and trying to figure out the mystery behind creating a blog.

But wait, what do I post? I have not figured that out, yet. Tada, my student instincts kick and I google - "What should I post on my first blog?

" Trust me, there's a lot of good ideas put out there, I probably need to make notes but hey, I don't even make notes of my online lectures!! *Drifts off thinking: "Oh God!! Online classes!! Assignments!!! Quizzes!!!"

Ah, that was a nightmare just there. It's better that I go back to think about the blog.

Now, I closed google and went on thinking about some basic ideas - "How about I start by introducing myself? Too cliche, right?". Anyway, " What's in the name!!".

I thought for 5 minutes straight (why don't I think so much in my exams!!) and I know exactly what to write - Introduction!!

Okay, I have not gone crazy to go back to the same "introduction" topic. I am not going to tell about me, instead, it is all about the person because of whom I started to write.

Nostalgia just kicked in. What do I even say about him? A sweet memory? "No, we are still in touch".

A best friend? " I don't even know if we are friends in the first place!!!, I know he is a little weird. Tedha hai par mera hai type".

Let me go to flashback. Once upon a time...Relax, I won't say - "Ek tha Raja, ek thi Rani. Dono marr gaye. Katam kahani". So, 13 years back during my school days was when I first saw him.

There was complete silence. Everything around me had come to still and I hear a voice...

asking for votes!! Because that was the school assembly going on and our sir was contesting for the student council.

That's when I saw him with a completely carefree attitude and innocence of a kid and if you have guessed it right, he was my senior. Well, don't ask whom I voted for that year!

Skipping all the months in the middle, where we had our own interactions or say tashan,

I realized that he was indeed very innocent and an honest person (Such great memories) but let's just go to the final exam of that year - The English exam.

Somehow the universe had conspired and we had ended up in the same class. Me - first bench and him - last but three benches off, maybe. Wow, my memory!!

One thing lead to another and he ended up standing in front of me for quite some time and I had started reading his essay on - 'My City'.

Even I had practiced essay on this topic but never thought about the content that was on his exam sheet. The words there had just danced to their own tune. All I thought was - "It's so amazing.

He has just played so well with the words and look at the words in my essay, all are just sleeping. Will I ever write like that!!".

So, that thought was locked inside my brain, and the next time when I heard him on stage (high school) using that amazing word play, I kind of lost the keys of that lock.

So, that it was always in my mind reminding me to try writing and that's how it all started and I ended up in my present situation - 'Cursor waiting to hit the launch'.

PS - If you think that I do not know anything about him now, then you are totally wrong. We kinda talk, let's say - He is my Stranger friend. I can go on talking about him for hours but that is a story for another day.

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