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A horror story about a college student with his encounter with the devil's henchman. Part 2 coming soon!
Keep up to read part 2 too...


It was 1 in the morning. I had been up for the past hour just thinking about the incident. What had happened, you may ask. Let me tell you...

I was a college student in New York City. My name is Jack Stilton. I had been living in NYC for the 7 months. You can say that I was more of a night person.

I preferred to go on walks around the neighbourhood in the night or play video games with my college mates. But that night, it changed my life.

As usual I went for a walk at around 11 pm with my headphones and my mobile. I was greeted by James at the door. "Going for a walk, aren't you? Mind if I join?" he said.

I said "No, I won't mind at all. Come."

After a while I saw him, the one who changed my life. He was tall and wore a thick black jacket. We couldn't make out his face as he was facing upwards, towards the sky.

He was, you can say 'dance walking'.

He was mumbling something but we could not make out what. At that exact moment James got a call from his house that his brother had to be taken to the hospital. He rushed to his house.

I removed my headphones and I heard his voice, the strange man's.

"All will perish. All will be gone" he was mumbling. "What are you saying, mate?" I asked. Then I say his face. His mouth was ripped and there were deep scars at the edge of his mouth.

It looked a smile. He repeated the same thing but in a demonic voice now and his smile had disappeared. He repeated it one more time. I got scared and thought he was a madman.

I walked on, ignoring him. After a while, I took out my phone to see the time. It was 3 am. Many people believed it was the 'The Devil' who came at this hour.

I did not believe these superstitions. But what I saw changed my view forever.

The same man who I encountered was following me in the same 'dance walking' manner. But this time it was faster. I got scared but I thought he was just a weirdo.

In a deep, low voice he said, "Jack Percy Stilton, all will die and all will perish".

I got scared but gathered up the courage to ask him. "Do I know you, sir?", I asked. He did not reply and looked upwards. After a few minutes of this awkward moment, he looked down.

And I saw what scared me. He had the face of someone attached to his face with many stitches. But when I got closer to him I saw it was my face.

Suddenly, I woke up in my bed realising it was all a nightmare. But I was confused. "Who was he?" I wondered.

Then it hit me...

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