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aanya_putrevu Hi!i am 9 years old and i love writing
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Once,There was a young girl called Aanya. She wanted to become a cricketer when she grew up.

Be who want!

Once,There was a young girl called Aanya.

She wanted to become a cricketer when she grew up.

Aanya was dreaming to get into IPL and become the youngest woman cricketer to finish the world cup.

Aanya learnt more about cricket and kept practicing with her dad.When she was 10 years old,She got nominated for a academy and she was delighted to get started.

Once Aanya got started,She played with many students and got better in playing cricket.

One day,Aanya went for her first trial match.

The bowler trew a ball at 10 M run-up and still there was, Aanya who just gave a beautiful helicopter shot!

Aanya and her team won their first match!

From then on,Aanya went to every match and came back with excitement and victory in her hands.

Aanya went to a match against england,One day and just lost the match.

Aanya was so sad,she almost wanted to give up cricket!

Her friend(Rishi)said, "Aanya,why do you want to give up cricket?You love cricket and you have come so far because of your talent and hard work."

Aanya suddenly realised that.

She said, "Rishi,That's actully so true!Thank you for making me realize that!"

Rishi said, "Welcome!"

Aanya went to the same match again and kept practicing.

That match went on for many hours.

Finally,Aanya hit a amazing drive!

They won that match!

Aanya got so happy that she went and ate Ice-Cream with her family in their house.

She ate so much!

She thought,I have come so far with the help and support of my family and friends.

I am so grateful that I have the strength to become who I want.

Everyone in india,used to praise her for playing the way she does and winning for india.

Her journey was hard,but she went through it because if she had not,she would not have been here now.

Aanya felt very proud of her team,herself,her friend rishi who encouraged her as well as her family.

The end.

Moral:Be who you want,whether your journey is hard or easy.

Never give up and think where you are already now.

Think of the people who encouraged you at a time where you feel you want to give up.

Aanya Putrevu(Who's story and dream is this story)!!

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