At First Sight A Short Story By Aamna Arif
At First Sight
A Short Story

By Aamna Arif
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At first sight

At First Sight A Short Story By Aamna Arif

He couldn’t help but wonder what it was. Love at first sight or just a case of fatal attraction.

He saw her driving down the old town road. Her short blonde hair stuck to her glistening forehead, as she tried to frantically jab the air conditioner in hopes of making it work.

He grinned at her in the back view mirror. He had never felt so sure before.

And as luck would have it, her car broke down. Perfect timing.

He let her get out and assess the damage before stopping. He wanted a few seconds to himself before approaching her. He knew she wouldn’t be able to resist his charm; they never could, but somehow she felt different.

He found out not moments later that he was right. She refused to let him help her. She didn’t want to inconvenience him. He liked that.

He watched adoringly as she tried calling a few numbers. He had already told her this area wouldn’t have any service. She wanted to try anyway. He let her.

The mid-afternoon sun would become unbearable and soon she would give in.

He smiled knowingly when she did and bent under the hood. Smart enough to not trust a stranger, but not smart enough to spot a loose cable.

Thankfully, she was too flustered to notice.

He decided it wasn’t deceit, but a chance at something when he told her he didn’t know what was wrong. He realized that the look of worry that spread across her face suited her.

He clamped his damp hand over hers, as he told her she’d have to drive into town with him.

He felt her stiffen under his touch and saw the worry change to panic.

He panicked too because he had just given himself away.

Such a shame he thought as he stuffed her pale body into the trunk. He did want to get to know her first.

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