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So much of my life (& all our lives) is structured around love and desire. Here’s hoping we find it:)


You search the world,

Looking for love.

rummaging through countries

as if they're ikea drawers

and almaris that hold the

warmth of your

mothers banarasi sarees;

this is a race against time

And you wouldn't know

what to do

if the clock defeats love

because they told you

all else fades

But love doesn't.

So you draw parallels

between potential significant others

and sit com characters

because eventually

people are people

and you will eventually find

someone who is wiling

to show up.(?)

The odds , the chances

and the probabilities are on your side -

you can get a little lazy,

a little less precise and stop squinting,

you'll see whole people

are rough and rugged and soft and squishy

and the bits that feel incomplete

for now, you'll be gracious and complete them

Because you promised to be less stringy

and this is a good thing

(&you decided you're worthy of good things)

You look for love all over,

Only to find it where you

first stumbled into it,

engulfed by home or the feeling of it

you were willing to break your tongue

to learn it's language.

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